Image of LINES & CURVES BOOK (2016)

The culmination of over two years of travel, adventure, and exploring the true definitions of beauty in the modern world, ‘Lines & Curves‘ is the first book from me, Alexandra S. Aderhold. This volume contains previously unreleased nude-art photographs of 13 models, as well as true stories featuring the models and how their beauty goes far beyond skin-deep.

'Lines & Curves' contains previously unreleased photographs of thirteen women, and untold stories about their inner beauty and the inspirational impact they've had on my life. Nudity is indeed a form of art, an art that every woman has the right to express herself through in the medium of their choosing, and this book aims to inspire people to accept their flaws and imperfections, to show the inherent beauty of what makes us unique and human. Popular media puts a lot of pressure on all of us these days, and we need to remind ourselves sometimes of what is real and 'natural', and what is not. Every woman has the right to feel beautiful and powerful even at their most vulnerable and exposed, and I want to show you real people, real stories, real beauty, real diversity, and real art.

In the interest of honesty and full disclosure, I want you to know that I am using photo editing software only to a certain extent. I am not reshaping bodies, distorting faces, removing moles, hiding scars, or making any changes to anything that is permanent on a model's body. Rather, the edits that are made serve to remove temporary skin blemishes, play with light and colour, add effects, crop unnecessary space, and fix the occasional stray hair when absolutely needed. I do not promote any body-shaming, nor do I believe it is right to push what some consider conventional beauty standards onto the thirteen models who will appear in the pages of this book or anyone else, for that matter.


563 g


30.4 x 21.7 x 1.3 cm




Hardcover (matte) with book jacket


150 g/m² matte